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What is the first priority in the following things? *
Which is the first step in preventing mistakes with orders? *
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What should you do if there is a mistake in an order? *
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Do we automatically bring customers water? *
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Fill in blank with open and close times
What is our Monday special? *
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Do we have a HomeSlyce beer? *
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Fill in blank with vineyard name and type of wine
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Do we sell gift cards?
Customers come in and there is about a 5+ minute wait for a table. What should you say? *
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When do we clean the restaurant? *
How can you make a suggestion without sounding like you’re “selling?” *
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In busy times, what’s the best way to keep customers happy? *
What do you do when it’s busy? *
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How does our rewards program work? *
Do we have an 8” pizza? *
Our specialty diet menu covers *
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Do we offer offsite catering? *