HomeSlyce Party Planning Columbia, md!

Photos of Columbia HomeSlyce party room, open dining spaces, and food truck at the bottom of this page!

Slycing up the details

If you're holding a party of 20 or more guests, you can take advantage of this easy planning and savings! 

Our party room capacities: Canton 60, Mount Vernon 70, Columbia 80. Columbia also has a food truck available for your events.

All our locations provide open dining room parties &  pizza party catering at your own location within 30 miles of the HomeSlyce from which you are ordering.

Our parties are all served home style.

Our party room guests may decorate with balloons or party favors. No nails or staples, please. Must use tape.

We can arrange music or you can arrange live entertainment in our rooms. We must approve the band with our family friendly guidelines. 

10% deposit may be required.

These parties may be delivered off site with additional set up charges. 

Tax  + gratuities are separate from prices shown. 

Food choices

See menu for item descriptions.

You may also choose to have your guests order from the regular menu, with a $500 minimum.

The Get Together
$13 per Guest

Assorted Premium Pizzas
Choice of Caesar or Tossed Salad
Soft drinks

The social
$15 per guest

Assorted Premium Pizzas
Choice of Caesar or Tossed Salad
Choice of 1 Appetizer
Soft Drinks

The Shindig!
$17 per guest

Assorted Premium Pizzas
Choice of Caesar or Tossed Salad
Choice of 2 Appetizers
Soft Drinks


Bar service choices

Cash Bar

All guests order drinks at bar and can keep 1 tab or multiple tabs

Limited Open Bar

Host sets $ maximum limit with the bar

Open Bar

2 Hour Open Bar for $25 per guest. No top shelf or branded liquors

request your party in columbia! 

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Thank you so much for choosing HomeSlyce! We look forward to helping you with your party!